"Can You Use 20 Hi Resolution Images For Your Websites, Blogs, Desktop... Or Anywhere Else 
You Can Think Of?" 


From:  Jamie Dawson



Dear Internet Marketer,

You're busy... I get it!  So, I'm not going to bore you with a long winded sales letter telling you all about each and every high resolution image in this package.  The simple fact is that these twenty images speak for themselves. 

What I am going to do is give you a brief overview and then you can take a closer look at the samples below and see for yourself.

Each image in this package is a minimum of 1600 x1000 pixels.  Some are even larger.  

That's huge!  And this gives you more freedom and control over how you use them.

They all come in a ready to go jpeg format. 

Just take a look at everything you're getting...

2med.jpg (39942 bytes)

3med.jpg (32520 bytes)

4med.jpg (54840 bytes)

5med.jpg (35599 bytes)

6med.jpg (39061 bytes)

7med.jpg (30664 bytes)

8med.jpg (58066 bytes)

9med.jpg (34971 bytes)

11med.jpg (86521 bytes)

12med.jpg (49238 bytes)

13med.jpg (34353 bytes)

14med.jpg (111278 bytes)

15med.jpg (59454 bytes)

16med.jpg (44013 bytes)

17med.jpg (60519 bytes)

18med.jpg (58327 bytes)

19med.jpg (69737 bytes)

20med.jpg (72263 bytes)

10med.jpg (17250 bytes)

Use them on your desktop or trim them down and put them on your website, blog or anywhere else that you want to express yourself... and impress others! 

In fact they're also perfect for putting together new covers for those PLR products that are doing nothing on your hard drive right now!

And They Come With Master Resale Rights!

This entire package comes with master resale rights, so not only can you use these graphics, you can sell them to make back your tiny investment right away!

All for way, way less than the cost of one professionally designed image!

And here's a closer look at the quality...

These larger images are just 400 pixels x 250.  So you can image 1600 x 1000!  Imagine the clarity!  And that's what you'll be downloading in just a couple of minutes from now.

Imagine all the possibilities for use!

Remember... this package of 20 high resolutions graphics comes with Resell Rights!  Use the images yourself and/or resell them for 100% Profit!  

And if yours is in the next 100 orders, we're going to include a copy of this salespage and a ready-to- go download page for you to use!  But only if you take action now.

The total package for quick decision makers:

   Twenty huge high resolution graphics... with heaps of different uses.

  A complete copy of this salespage, including all the graphics.

  A thank you page for your new clients to download from.

  A Master Resell Rights Licence giving you the right to onsell this total package and pocket all the cash.

For A Limited Time Only...
Just $14.97!

That adds up to just 74cents each!  Are we crazy or what? 

But don't make the mistake of thinking that this low, low price equals low quality.  No such thing.  We've a well deserved reputation for putting out high quality products at low, low prices.  As you're about to find out! 

Just click on the "Grab Your Graphics" button above to complete a couple of details and be on your way to the safest, encrypted, payment processor on the net.  We wouldn't use anything else.

As long as the letters "MRR" appear in the product name... you're in time for the turnkey website business package as your bonus.

Go get started!  You're going to be amazed at the number of different uses you'll find for these great graphics.

Good luck with your marketing.


Jamie Dawson


P.S. Don't forget that we've included the resale rights to this 20 high resolution graphics package, that you can use to express yourself on your eCovers, desktop, website, or blog!

P.S.S. And the big bonus... a copy of this salespage page and a download page, so that you can get set up quickly and make that small investment back fast!  But only if you're quick.  Remember, the website and thank you page are available for a...




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